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Finish a Great Story Faster With a Blueprint

Do you think of good ideas for books or movies, but struggle to complete a great, full story? Or haven't even tried yet? Then this free online course is for you.

Your Instructor

Ted Galdi

Ted Galdi is an Amazon #1 bestselling fiction author. He's been featured by Kirkus magazine, ABC, FOX, iHeartRadio, and many other media outlets. He's a winner of a Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award and a Silver Medal in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards. Various novels of his have been optioned for film rights and he's written the screenplays.

What You'll Get in the Course

Watch video lessons taught by a #1 bestselling writer. You can finish them in one sitting. Once you do, you'll definitely have new, powerful writing skills. And you'll be able to plan the key elements of your gripping story in one simple document.

  • Learn powerful techniques for the 1st key element: Characters. No, your protagonist doesn't have to be likable, but does need this one other characteristic. Find out what.

  • Learn powerful techniques for the 2nd key element: Plot. Uncover the pitfall you must avoid while creating conflict. And discover how to heighten the tension.

  • Learn powerful techniques for the 3rd key element: Theme. Understand the difference between an effective and ineffective theme.

  • Learn powerful techniques for the 4th key element: Emotion. Your audience wants an emotional roller coaster. Make sure you deliver.

  • Capture your characters, plot, theme, and story emotions in a simple blueprint document. This will be your guide for writing a great, full-length story faster.

Stop Feeling Guilty About Delaying to Develop Your Great Story

Learn the skills to finish a story you and others love. You have nothing to lose...the online course is free.


  • Who is this course for?

    (1) Anyone who has an idea for a book or movie, but hasn't tried writing a story yet. (2) Anyone who is trying to write a book or movie, but struggling to finish. (3) Anyone who has written a book or movie, but wants their next project to be better and get done faster. The lessons apply to fiction and narrative non-fiction, across all genres.

  • What will be required of me during the course?

    You need to watch 12 video lessons. You can get through them in just one sitting, but feel free to go at whatever pace is convenient for you.

  • I'm interested in the course, but don't have room in my schedule to start it now. Is that okay?

    Yes. Once you register for the course, you'll instantly have lifetime access to all its content. You can start taking the course whenever is convenient for you. Once you start, you can go through the content at whatever pace is convenient for you.

Course Curriculum

    1. Your Protagonist

    2. Protagonist's Opponents

    3. Protagonist's Allies

    1. Your Premise

    2. Pursuing The Goal

    3. Pinballing To The Climax

    4. Story Finale

    1. The Takeaway

    1. The Experience

    1. Outline Your Story

    1. Recommended Tools

About this course

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